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5 Best Creatine Supplements for Cutting and Shredding

In this era of technological advancement and modernization, people have become quite conscious of their physical appearance, and the first impression they make on entering a room full of strangers. Many have started consuming supplements, and such products available today, that help in cutting and shredding body fat, and building a good body shape. Unsurprisingly, the fitness industry is a multi-billion dollar industry today, and is growing every year!

Best Creatine Supplements in 2022-23

About Creatine supplements

Nowadays, many dietary supplements claim to aid with weight loss and burning fat. But, while some popular supplements are supported by scientific evidence, many are not. In our hassle of everyday life, many of us make bad choices for our bodies.

So to understand the whole concept better, and to make an informed decision on putting creatine supplements into your body, it is first essential to have complete knowledge of every aspect of these supplements.

  • Creatine is a nitrogenous organic acid that helps supply energy to the cells throughout the body, particularly muscle cells. Although most of the body’s creatine is in the muscles, the brain also stores some.
  • We intake acid in many forms as a part of our daily diet. It is present in large amounts in red meat, poultry, and fish.
  • Creatine is said to be the most effective supplement for boosting your exercise performance and gaining lean body mass. Although it has no proven fat-burning properties, research shows that people using creatine generally lose a little more body fat compared to placebo.
  • A creatine supplement combined with a high-protein diet and some high-intensity strength training effectively prevents muscle loss and maximizes fat loss. The supplement helps you easily reach your goal of getting both shredded and muscular, by maintaining and aiding your muscles in the process.
  • Furthermore, creatine pulls water into your muscles, and unlike other supplements available today,  nearly all of the water ends up in your muscle cells, and not under your skin. Therefore, it does not make you puffy either. If anything, creatine makes your muscles look fuller, precisely what you want when you show off the results of your cutting diet.

Importance of creatine supplements

Nowadays, people have started paying special attention to their physical health and body. Yet, most are unaware of how essential creatine is for our bodies. Some research suggests that the average person requires around 2-5g of creatine each day.

However, a few different factors affect how much creatine may be beneficial for a person to consume. It depends on the weight of a person, physical health, occupation, and so on.

  • Creatine is particularly necessary for people who regularly engage in moderate-to-high intensity training and other forms of activities that might put too much pressure on your body and muscles. Due to this reason, these supplements are quite popular among athletes, fitness freaks, and all those interested in building or repairing their muscles.
  • A 2017 research also says that these supplements further aid sportsmen and athletes by enhancing the speed of their recovery after workouts, regulating body temperature, preventing injury, rehabilitating the muscles, protecting the spinal cord, and recovering from concussions as well. Moreover, it helps you work out harder and feel more laser-focused during athletic performance.
  • Research also says that some people with health conditions that affect how their body makes or uses amino acids may also need regular creatine supplementation. Moreover,  creatine is said to play an important role in the bodies of patients afflicted with Parkinson’s disease, diabetes, and ischemia, among many others.
  • Many studies have also concluded that creatine supplementation may also be beneficial for our immune system regulation and for people with muscle-wasting diseases or neurological conditions. However, more research is necessary to support these claims.
  • Furthermore, a recent study also found that otherwise healthy people who consumed more creatine had fewer markers for depression. However, more research needs to be done on this aspect before scientists can make any broad claims.
  • It is also said to be beneficial for menopause, bone health, and cognition, in the lives of women.

Types of creatine supplements available today

Today, the market is filled with all types of supplements and products, some authentic while others adulterated. A consumer must verify a supplement thoroughly, before purchasing and intaking it.

Some of the most popular types of creatine supplements available today are listed below.

  • Creatine monohydrate: This is the most common form of creatine that a large number of consumers take. It is the least expensive and the most effective type of creatine on the market. It comprises one creatine molecule and one water molecule.
  • Buffered creatine: Also known as Kre-Alkalyn, this form contains an alkaline buffer.
  • Creatine HCL: This creatine is bonded with a hydrochloride salt. It is said to help enhance absorption.

Top 5 creatine supplements present in the market

There are a large variety of options present in the market today, for each product category, which leaves us in a state of confusion and puzzlement, unable to spot the best from the rest.

So, to make this process a bit easier, here we list down some of the best creatine supplements present in the market today, based on data and information collected from various sources, and ensuring that the products are certified, and not adulterated in any manner. Furthermore, Amazon links have been added for each of the supplements, for individual convenience.

Bulk Supplements Creatine Monohydrate Powder (Micronized)

  • This product falls into the category of a micronized creatine monohydrate powder.
    • It contains 5 g of micronized creatine monohydrate powder per serving, and the powder contains no other ingredients, and no flavoring, just a pure dose of powder. So basically, with each serving, you are in for a blast of pure and clean creatine to fuel your workouts and to help your body recover after a sick workout.
    • This powder dissolves into most drinks quickly, and completely, and is preferred by those consumers who dislike drinks with textured surfaces.
    • Many recommend the consumption of this product, mixed with a drink, before workout sessions. It essentially supports muscle growth, recovery, performance, and strength, and has the power to give you the body you have always wanted
    • It helps boost performance in short-duration high intensity activities such as weightlifting by increasing the amount of ATP available to your body’s muscles. Furthermore, supplementing with creatine powder supplies energy to all your cells, including brain cells, and also helps support optimal brain function.
    • The product earns a top-rated status on websites like Amazon as well, with positive reviews from consumers worldwide.
    • In addition to all this, BulkSupplements can also provide a Certificate of Analysis (COA) upon request, which is a detailed document that provides information on the quality, strength, and specifications of a product.
    • Moreover, the product is also completely vegan and third-party tested. It is said to be the best bargain, seeing its cost-value ratio, and comparing the same with other products!
    • Also, many consumers who complain of stomach issues and other side effects after consumption of normal creatine monohydrate powder, find no complaints about this micronized product version.
    • However, many consumers dislike it because the powder is flavorless. So, if that is the case, you might have to look for a different creatine supplement option!

Swolverine Creatine Kre-Alkalyn

  • This product is simple and optimized for absorption to get you the best results from your workouts, unlike most other products available today that have unnecessary ingredients in them. For this reason, this creatine supplement is chosen by the majority of consumers.
    • The supplement contains a potent type of creatine called Kre-Alkalyn, which is designed to stay stable for a longer period when ingested, and so allows more of the creatine to get through digestion and be absorbed where it can do its work helping to promote muscle growth. The product contains 3,000mg of Kre-Alkalyn per serving, includes no fillers in the formulation and comes with 60 servings per container.
    • It blows ordinary creatine monohydrate out of the water with faster results. Its buffering effects make it much easier for the body to tolerate this supplement with fewer side effects.
    • Moreover, it is also gluten-free and vegan-friendly. For the convenience of those allergic, it does not contain soy either.
    • Furthermore, it is unflavoured, giving consumers the flexibility to mix it with anything and everything – from protein shakes to fruit juices and so on.
    • It is mainly consumed to increase the strength and endurance of a person. The composition of the product also decreases the likelihood of experiencing digestive issues, gassiness, bloating, and discomfort with your creatine.
    • The supplement is said to be a go-to choice for men who may be bulking and consuming large quantities of food. Trainees who are planning or doing a cut, and want straightforward creatine to add to their stack, are also recommended this supplement.

MuscleTech Cell-Tech Creatine/ (+carbs)  Monohydrate Formula Powder

  • This product is essentially a post-workout recovery powder that contains creatine and many other supportive ingredients to help the body recover. It also helps to increase muscle gain after a workout by causing an insulin spike in the body.
    • Each serving of this product contains 7 g of high-performance liquid chromatography-certified creatine monohydrate and 3 g of creatine HCL, which helps reduce recovery time between sets, amplify strength and build more lean muscle.
    • The company recommends consumers mix 1 scoop of this product with 6 fl oz of water and consume it immediately after a workout, for the best results.
    • Moreover, while some consumers dislike the small size of the container, many prefer it due to its affordability. A large number of fitness enthusiasts review it with positive comments, and some hard to argue with results.
    • Moving on, MuscleTech’s Cell-Tech is an enormously popular supplement that’s been around for a long time now, but Cell-Tech + Carbs takes it to the next level of delivering mass and performance to the masses, majorly consisting of creatine monohydrate as the main ingredient.
    • With 5 grams of creatine per scoop, 38 grams of fast-digesting carbs to help with absorption, plus BCAAS, this new and updated version is a perfect intra-workout or post-workout drink.
    • Reviewers usually not only love the flavor of this creatine supplement but also favor the product because of how it can work as a stim-free pre-workout to help increase pumps.

Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate Powder/Capsules

  • This is said to be a micronized creatine monohydrate powder, used for quick absorption and use.
    • Each serving delivers 5 g of pure creatine monohydrate. The product contains no other ingredients.
    • The manufacturers suggest consumers mix the powder with water, fruit juice, or a protein shake.
    • It is said to be most potent in building muscle size, strength, and power.
    • However, many consumers, especially women, tend to prefer the Optimum Nutrition Micronized Creatine Monohydrate capsules, which provide 2.5g per capsule serving. Also, these capsules contain zero calories or carbohydrates.
    • Most consumers usually love the convenience of these capsules, but some complain that they are big and difficult to swallow.
    • The product supports muscle size, strength, and power, even when combined with the most high-intensity of activities
    • Furthermore, the capsule bottles are sold in 3 sizes – 100, 200, and 300 capsules giving a consumer the liberty to choose according to his/her requirements.
    • Users also love the simplicity of dosing and planning with this capsule formula, which eliminates the need for scoops or shaker bottles.

Huge Supplements Creatine Monohydrate

  • The supplement comes in a package of 150 tablets with five tablets per serving, totaling the optimal dose of 5g of creatine monohydrate per serving. This gives you the flexibility to vary the dose easily, for instance, if you prefer to take a lesser amount, such as 3g, all you need to do is take three tablets instead of five.
    • This supplement is quite pure for a creatine tablet, with just the creatine monohydrate as the active ingredient.
    • However, these capsules are made with gelatin, so if you are a vegan, you should go for another powder or vegan capsule.
    • The product is largely preferred by bodybuilders who are looking to increase their muscle mass, preserve their gains, and decrease their body fat.
    • Analysis shows that supplementing with this creatine supplement can double your strength and lean muscle gains compared to training alone. In one study, the subjects increased their one-rep bench press by up to 43%.
    • The product is the optimum choice for people who travel a lot or like to throw their creatine in their gym bag to take with them on the go, especially if they are looking for a monohydrate creatine supplement.

Side Effects of creatine supplements

Like each coin has two sides, every product we consume usually has a positive as well as a negative impact on our health and body. Although creatine is a natural supplement and the risk of experiencing side effects from the supplement itself is low, many consumers have felt some changes after consuming these supplements.

  • Some consumers complain of experiencing nausea, bloating, stomach pain, diarrhea, and muscle cramping after consuming these supplements.
  • Many do not consume these supplements over a certain limit, believing that when used in higher dosages over long periods, creatine supplementation may affect the liver or kidneys. However, current research does not fully support this concern.
  • People are also recommended to use creatine supplements with caution since taking high doses of the acid may affect various bodily functions. It is advisable to take talk to a professional in the field if a consumer feels unsure about consuming these supplements.

Honestly, at the end of the day, all of us are aware that there is no shortcut to getting and maintaining the body of our dreams, and a creatine supplement is definitely no magic bullet in the process. However, if you need a helping hand, something to speed up your journey towards better physical health, alongside exercise and a balanced diet, you can always go for the creatine supplements mentioned above.

Nonetheless, you must use only the ones you find the best for your own body, despite the claims some companies might make. If you find that any of the products is affecting you negatively, in any manner, you should immediately drop the product, and not stick around to see the magical results that a friend might have promised you. It is always advisable to consult an expert before the usage of any such products, to get a holistic understanding of the effect they might have on your body.

Lastly, we wish you all the best in your fitness journey, and hope you reach your goal super soon!

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